2014-11-01 09:29:55 by Sirrolandproduction

     -Muy buenas a todos, os escribo esto para deciros que podéis pedirme commissions de cualquier tipo y os dejare aquí lo que tenéis que hacer para pedirme una commission, los precios y la forma de pago. 

     -Escribidme una mail a, con el asunto “Petición de Dibujo”, en el E-Mail describidme bien que quereis que dibuje y si queréis podeis añadirme imágenes que me faciliten el trabajo 

- Dibujo en B/N: 10 € 
- Dibujo a Color: 15 € 


     -El pago se realizara a través de PAYPAL unicamente, ni transferencia bancaria ni ningún otro método de pago (incluido trueques o pago con gallinas y diversos animales de granja) 

-Muchas gracias por haberme prestado 5 minutos de vuestra atención y espero vuestros E-Mails pronto.


    -Very good to all , I am writing this to tell you that you can ask me for commissions of any kind and I will post here what you have to do to ask for an commission , price and method of payment.


    - Write to me an email to with the subject line " Request for Drawing " in the E -Mail to unhappy that describidme good draw and if you want you can add me images that provide me the job,


- Drawing B / W : 10 € 
- Drawing in Color : 15 €


    -The Payment will be made only through PAYPAL or bank transfer or any other method of payment ( including payment or barter with chickens and various farm animals)

    -Many thanks for lending me five minutes of your attention and I hope your E -Mails soon.

New contest and this time we had to take a scary character and make it lovable or otherwise take a lovable character and make it scary.

Here I leave on link for you to visit my drawing:

Contest of the month 2 : Frankenpokemon

Leave a comment and vote

thank you very much


2013-10-10 08:12:04 by Sirrolandproduction

Today is my Birthday i turn 32, and if I have learned though perhaps later it always do things in your life that you're happy, banishes fears have to do things that they can do well and live day to day.

New contest, this time the subject matter since halloween is coming, we will take a scary character and covertirlo in a lovable character, or by otherwise taking a lovable character and turn it into something scary.

Now I have several ideas and I think I've settled on one that can be very interesting, you soon will see.

Here I leave the link of the video which explains the contest:
Challenge of the Month: Horrific Lovelies

the contest it´s done and the winner is this picture:

gordonetta freeman

thank you so much all the people support me and my draw, best luck next time :)

I'm participating in a contest on the web, the contest is "gender change" in which you have to take a fictional character, either video games, literature, movies, series, and change the genre, I have chosen to pick kratos and here I leave the link so you can see the drawing.

Kratos female version

I posted several days ago of a shield design for a contest for the game Namco Bandai Dark Souls II.

Namco Bandai has proposed that people send them shields designs for their upcoming game Dark Souls II and I am participating me if you enjoy it if you pass by this link and to give me your vote.

shield desing "sapphire eyes"

is that he gains the contest but I hope I stay in good stead design.

Thank you very much to all for your support.

In this tutorial I will discuss the anatomical differences when drawing the body of a man and the body of a woman.

I leave the link here for you can go and see it:

Tutodrawing "Anatomy - Man and Woman"

Hi everyone!!!!!

2013-03-06 19:55:58 by Sirrolandproduction

Hi all, I'm new to Newgrounds and wanted to introduce myself before drawing up like crazy.

My name is Jose Maria, I'm from Spain, more specifically in Seville, I have 31 years old and I've been drawing since I have almost remember.

I love all kinds of comics whether American, European or Japanese, I think everyone brings something to me when drawing.

Since recently I became interested in the animation using Adobe Flash and I have many ideas to make animations.

I'm so glad you have a site like Newground where you can enjoy the drawings of other artists and also a place to share my pictures with you all.